Robert Kimbler

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Robert Kimbler
Residing In: port st lucie, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Sandy
Occupation: retired firefighter
Children: No, a little regret about and thankful also, some of the women in my past may have not been ideal mothers, More…bad choices on my part, born to be wild.
Military Service: army  
Yes! Attending Reunion

up and down the rollercoaster of life, in love out of love a few times, breathing in and out, constantly shaking sand out of my shoes hazard of living in florida. fishing, boating, swimming, motorcycling. just living the dream in paradise.

School Story:

Bob Miller always had the fastest cars in school, never any paint on them, brown primer. Remember the muscle cars, camaros,chevelles,novas all SS. Friday night football, Frishes Big Boy then Rip Rap road racing. Parties at Huffman Dam, remember when Kevin Spellman drove his car over the dam! Concerts at Hara Arena.

What cities have you lived?

stuart fl. port st lucie fl. ft lauderdale fl. palm city fl. key west fl. providince ri. dayton oh. xenia oh. hillsboro oh. beavercreek oh. white sands nm. ft. knox ky.

Do you still speak to or hang out with friends from high school?

no, not lately, untill today, spoke with Bob miller, a true friend.

How did you hear about this website?

surfing the web.

Did you get any tattoos or body piercings since high school?


Your career now. Is what you wanted to do and how did you get into it?

Retired, loving it.

If you are attached, how did you and your spouse/partner meet?

attached, she was a tourist,on vacation I was a local. On the beach with a little rum and coke. here we are 4 yrs. later.

What is your favorite memory of Stebbins High School?

the whole journey was a new chapter in life, full of memories, too many to pick one.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently in high school?

took typing, this taking me forever, ask more girls out, stayed with football instead of skipping practice to be with my girlfriend from fairborn high. Go to more drive-in movies, at the fairborn and the mid-night movies downtown.

What famous or interesting people have you met?

Willie G Davidson, at a poker run down along the Ohio river.

Did you ever skip school or class?

PLEASE, didn't everyone! I skipped so much class I had to go to summer school just to get enough hours to graduate. Not because of grades, go figure.

What are you afraid of?

watching our gov. brainwash us all, FDA, why does one division control food and drugs, to keep us sick. Our southern border controlled by cartel, take care of the homefront, wake up people. It is easy to control poor desperate people, real easy when they are on drugs, they are going to conquer us without firing a shot. follow the money. This is what Im afraid of! You asked!

What words of wisdom would you leave us, friends and/or family with?

LIVE LARGE, Go for the gusto, dont feel sorry for yourself, change it, or make it the best it can be! get your toes wet, stare at the moon and stars, lay down in a field and watch the clouds, smile at everyone,let yourself cry at a sad movie,hug your loved ones. let your voice be heard, VOTE! last of all remember this is all only temporary. Keep on Trucking!

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