Yearbooks gone by...

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The 1975 Stebbins Batawat



The 1974 Stebbins Batawat



The 1972 Spinning Hills Mustangs' Yearbook



The 1965 Overlook Elementary Thunderbirds Yearbook

The class of 1975 are in second grade.  Can you find these people?  Not all went to Stebbins, but they at least went to Spinning Hills Jr. High for awhile... Cindy Ballew, Sissy Boggs, Sue Bowling, Jeff Buedel, Randy Byers, Randy Clark, Pat Cleary, Glenn Coffey, Larry Cordelle, Rusell Degarmo, Bill Duncan, Alfreda Edwards, Cathy Gay, Ron Gay, Keith Green, Doug Hawn, Robin Helton, Daryl Johnson, Demaris (Demo) Kohlbacher, Paula Lively, Cathy Loftis, Marcia Long, Kim Martin, Jeff Moles, Ella Mullins, Mike Ramsey, Belinda Richmond, Alan Sells, Pam Simcox, Becky Skinner, Justin Stevens, Theresa Stonerock, Diana Teague, Rich Wells, Perry Williams and David Yancy.  There may be more and I don't recognize them.




Below is the 3rd grade group photo from Gettysburg....  Middle Row far right is Tim Wolf and 4th from the right, same row is Sande Cronkhite.  Click on picture to enclarge.