What do you remember about your high school?

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1)   * Who was Stebbins' principal when you were a Sophomore?

  Mr. DiNino
  Mr. Bornhorst
  Mr. Goheen
  Mr. Edumundson
  Mr. Hubbs
2)   * Just who the heck is Walter E Stebbins anyway?

  He was an Ohio State Represtative
  He was the superintendent of schools for Mad River Township and passed away during its first year.
  He was a quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes and from Mad River.
  He was a beloved football coach.
  He was the beloved custodial worker.
3)   * Who was our mascot for 74-75?

  Terri McCune
  Terre Keyes
  Terri Huffman
  Terri Terrell
  Terri Cloth
4)   * Stebbins wasn't the first name for our school. What was the original name?

  You're wrong it was Walter E Stebbins from the begining.
  Harshman High School
  Valley High School
  Spinning Hills High School
  Mad River High School
5)   * What was the first graduating year for the new high school in Mad River?

6)   * The Stebbins Indians almost had another symbol, do you know what came in second place to the Indians?

  Stebbins Bumble Bees
  Stebbins Mustangs
  Stebbins Buckeyes
  Stebbins Red Hawks
  Stebbins Chiefs
7)   * Who was the star quarterback for the 74-75 football season?

  Jay North
  Jay Lord
  Jay Jones
  Jay Walker
  Jay Bird
8)   * What was the musical for the 1974-75 school year?

  A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum
  Guys and Dolls
  The Sound of Music
  Fiddler On The Roof
9)   Who was the principal when you were a senior?

  Mr. DiNino
  Mr. Bornhorst
  Mr. Goheen
  Mr. Edmundson
  Mr. Hubbs
10)   * Who was the Drum Major for the 1974-75 season?

  Tom Severski
  Tom Selleck
  Tom Whelan
  Tom Sefton
  Tom York
11)   * Who was our Homecoming Queen?

  Sissy Boggs
  Sissy Boggs
  Sissy Boggs
  Sissy Boggs
  How could anyone get it wrong, everyone loved Sissy Boggs!
12)   * Who is Stebbins' principal today?

  Mr. Alex DiNino
  Mr. Ron Flohre
  Mr. Don Petry
  Mr. Ron Young
  Mr. Bill Hubbs
13)   * Who was the Queen of the Wise Teen's Dance for 74-75?

  Susie Leverette
  Kim Castle
  Debbie Moake
  Kim Moake
  We had Wise Owls?
14)   * What was our theme for the Prom?

  Your Mama don't dance
  Knights in White Satin
  C'mon Baby Light My Fire
  We had a theme?
15)   * We played the Centerville Elks for Homecoming, Did we win?

Yes No
16)   * Who was our Prom Queen?

  Sissy Boggs
  Kim Moake
  Debbie Moake
  Susie Leverette
  I must have been stoned, we had a prom too?
17)   * We had a radio station. What were the call letters?

18)   * Who was our valedictorian?

  Michael Johnson
  Michael Jackson
  This is a family site, don't use words like that.
  Pam Wells
  Richard Wells
19)   * For the first time in 25 years, this did NOT happen at the 1975 graduation.

  No one in the graduating class passed out.
  No one tripped up or down the staircases.
  The song, The Lord's Prayer was not allowed to be sung.
  The graduation was held indoors instead of outdoors.
20)   * Who was our Salutatorian?

  Michael Johnson
  Michael Jackson
  If I have to keep getting a dictionary to do the quiz this is going to take a lot of time.
  Pam Wells
  Richard Wells
21)   * Who led the Pledge of Allegiance at our graduation?

  John Glenn
  John Coffey
  Glenn Coffey
  Coffee and Cream
  Peaches and Cream
22)   * Who led the invocation at our graduation?

  Margot Kidder
  Margo Cotterman
  Marjoe Gourtner
  Margo Harshman
  Margo Howard
23)   * Who were the senior officers on the student senate?

  Roger McCoy, Perry Williams, Debbie Moake
  Perry Williams, Kim Moake, Debbie Moake, Angie Taulbee
  Roger McCoy, Angie Taulbee, Vanessa Back, Kim Moake
  Roger McCoy, Doug Loyd, Vanessa Back
  Perry Williams, Vanessa Back, Angie Taulbee
24)   * Who were the senior class representatives?

  Roger McCoy, Perry Williams, Debbie Moake
  Roger McCoy, Vanessa Back, Doug Loyd
  Perry Williams, Kim Moake, Debbie Moake, Angie Taulbee
  Perry Williams, Vanessa Back, Angie Taulbee
  Roger McCoy, Angie Taulbee, Vanessa Back, Kim Moake
25)   * Who gave the final benediction at our graduation?

  Jeff Buedel
  Jeff McKinney
  Jeff Smith
  Jeff Ashley
  Jeff Moles
26)   * I am going to cheat and read the answers in the User Forum section first?

Yes No