Donald Craig

Profile Updated: October 3, 2021
Residing In: Eaton, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth A. Craig
Occupation: Tractor Supply Company.
Children: I have one daughter, Tiffany.
Military Service: US Air Force  

Life is good. Very good. I look forward to each day and I am thankful for the wonderful blessings that come my way.

School Story:

I was in the band. I played cornet, trombone and fench horn. I put away the brass the day I graduated and only recently picked-up the cornet when I came across the old horn in its dust-encrusted case stashed in a box of junk in the rafters of my garage. Seeing it brought no memory worth repeating, other than I wondered what happend to Mr. Wolfe. He was quirky fellow.

What cities have you lived?

I have lived all over the world, in part due to travels while on active duty with the US Air Force. My favorite cities are London, Paris, Ankara, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Xian, New York and Washington D.C. I speak Turkish fluently, so traveliing to Istanbul and Ankara make me feel right at home.

Do you still speak to or hang out with friends from high school?

I spoke with Rick Dunkin once.

How did you hear about this website?

Coincidental in trying to unsubscribe from junk mail from classmates dot com.

Did you get any tattoos or body piercings since high school?


If so, what is it and where is it?

Left ear lobe pierced. 80's thing.

Your career now. Is what you wanted to do and how did you get into it?

Retired from the automobile industry and went to work for Tractor Supply Company in Eaton, Ohio. Here's the story: In January 2000, I was raising horses in the desert near the western rim of the Grand Canyon. God I looked like Grizzly Adams and when I stopped at a Toyota dealer in Kingman to check out a used truck, a fat little pudgy salesman treated me horribly. After I bought my truck from a former army man at the Ford dealer a few blocks away, I went back to the Toyota dealer to give them grief. I met the owner; we hit it off right away and he offered me a job. 20 years later I, left the car biz moved back to Ohio from Southern California and went to work at a local Tractor Supply Company. It's a hoot!

If you are attached, how did you and your spouse/partner meet?


What is your favorite memory of Stebbins High School?

The day I graduated.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently in high school?

Drop out? Just kidding. I doubt that I would change a thing.

What famous or interesting people have you met?

Sally Ride, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Turgut Ozal, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

Did you ever skip school or class?

It is fair to say that I spent more time away from the classroom than in it. I had my own agenda then and still do today.

What are you afraid of?

Nothing. Well, yeah, ok... let me think about this one. Nope, not a damn thing. What do you have in mind?

What words of wisdom would you leave us, friends and/or family with?

You can have any thing you want in life if you are willing to pay the price, work hard and honest for the money to buy it and take care of it once you have it.

Trust in the lord, be kind to animals and tell your loved ones that you love them.

Never dine in a restaurant that lacks table linen (NO FAST FOOD). Get yourself a bottle of Rancho de Philo Triple Cream Sherry and share a dram with close friends on a cold winter night. Say no to gas grills, opting for a char-broiler grill/smoker in its place. Eat sushi. Try mustard on your steak-fries. Sweeten your iced-tea but don’t put a mint leaf in it.

Travel. Go places. See things. Do things. Take the path less traveled. Take lots of pictures. Meet other people and even if you cannot speak their languages, a smile will open the door and you can pick up a few useful phrases. Give hugs and firm handshakes when you say goodbye.

Wear cotton and wool. Shine your shoes. Brush your teeth. Keep your face and hands clean but don’t be afraid to get them dirty. Leave the polyester at the store. Leave the cheap cologne on the shelf.

Just for once, leave the cell phone at home. Try it. Go on… you can do it.


Kneel down to a child’s level when you converse with he or she. Look adults in the eye when you talk with them. Say please and thank you. Stand when a lady enters the room and offer her your seat. Hold the door open for a complete stranger.

Do not gossip or spread rumors.

Park at the other end of the parking lot. The walk will do you good.

Nobody really cares what author you read.

Drop a dollar in the red bucket when you see the bell ringer.

Keep all of your cars.

And…listen to KFI AM 640, More Stimulating talk radio!

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My dad and his boys. 94?
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Give me you money. Lol
Posted: Apr 15, 2019 at 9:08 PM
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My dad and his boys. 94?
Posted: Apr 15, 2019 at 9:06 PM
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Posted: Apr 15, 2019 at 9:04 PM
Give me you money. Lol
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