45th Reunion Cruise Survey

This is to see how much interest there is in going on a cruise for our 45th reunion in 2020. We are still 2 years from being able to make any definite plans, but thought it was worth while to see how much interest there is. Based on the number of participants our individual costs could be reduced due to volume.

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1)   Would you be interested in going on a cruise for our 45th year reunion?

Yes No
2)   Would you prefer to have a traditional type reunion, that you would attend, instead of going on a cruise?

3)   Have you ever been on a cruise before?

Yes No
4)   What time of year would you like to cruise?

5)   Cruise lines generally require double occupancy per stateroom or additional cost for single occupancy. How many people would be traveling with you?

  More than 4 requiring multiple staterooms.
6)   If you are traveling as a single, would you be willing to share a stateroom with another classmate, to reduce the cost?

7)   What kind of stateroom would you like to stay in?

  Lower level inside
  Upper level inside
  Lower level outside
  Upper level outside

Remember that the type of stateroom will have an impact on the cost. Answers listed are generally from lowest to highest prices.
8)   What length of cruise would you like to go on?

  5 days
  7 days
  10 days

Remember that the length of the cruise will have an impact on the cost.
9)   Where would you like to go?

  Eastern Caribbean
  Southern Caribbean
  Western Caribbean
  No Preference. I am going with the flow.
10)   A lot of the class would be in the Dayton area. Would you be interested in chartering a bus to take you to the departure port and return home?

11)   I would be willing to car pool to and from the departure point.

  Yes. I could drive and some people ride with me. Just share the cost.
  Yes. I couldn't drive but would share the cost to ride with someone.
  No. I will be using other transportion.
  No. I don't live in the Dayton area anymore.
12)   I would be interested in a monthly payment plan for the cruise, so I could pay a portion or all of it prior to departure.

Yes No
13)   Since a cruise would be a unique experience, would you like Stebbins graduates from other years to be invited?

  Absolutely, the more the merrier!
  No way. I don't want to see that guy that locked me in my locker.
  Don't care one way or the other.
14)   We just asked a limited amount of questions, with only a few answers. If you would like to provide any comments, please do so here and reference the question number(s)you are commenting about.